Casio C711 G'zOne Boulder Cell Phone

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Casio C711 G'zOne Boulder Cell Phone [Factory Refurbished]
Price: $79.99


Technical Details
  • E-Compass. Shock-resistant. Water-resistant.
  • Mobile Web 2.0 plus music/video on demand.
  • 1.3 megapixel camera/camcorder with flash.
  • Rev. A PTT/Stereo Bluetooth
  • Clear ESN , Ready To Activate, No Contract Required
Product Description

Product Description
Tougher than the concrete jungle it calls home. Slamming into the rain-soaked sidewalk hurts. Just ask your previous phones. But the Boulder can take a beating and get back up, even when you can't. So don't give it any special treatment. It doesn't need it.

Other Features Include:
*Tools: Alarm Clock, Calculator, Calendar, Stop Watch, Countdown Timer, World Clock, Electronic Compass
*Speakerphone with dedicated Speakerphone Key
*Advanced speech recognition with dedicated Voice Dial Key
*72-chord polyphonic and real-music ringtones; vibrating alert
*Messaging: SMS/EMS, MMS, mobile IM
*T9 predictive text messaging
*USB 2.0 connectivity
*Voice memo recording

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